A while back God got all over me for wanting something for the wrong reasons. I didn’t want it for God’s glory, I wanted it for my own personal reasons. I know that God blesses those that pursue Him and love him and put Him first. Someone I know was not doing that and therefore all of God’s blessings weren’t available for this person or their family. Their family was paying the price for this person’s unyielding attitude toward God. My prayers weren’t for this person’s soul, it was for the family to have financial prosperity. How messed up is that?!?!?!  God called me out! I realized what I was doing, but I got stuck. How do you change your motives for the good? I’m glad you asked….

  1. Admit that what you are praying for is for your own gain and not for the glory of God.
  2. Ask God for forgiveness of this sin.
  3. Ask God to change your heart in the matter.
  4. BELIEVE that He will!!!

Now, that looks really simple written down like that but it’s harder than you think. Our feeble human minds cannot comprehend how powerful God is. I think we assume that if we can’t handle something He won’t be able to do it either because He’s not physically here, we can’t actually see Him working. That’s why we accept some things that we shouldn’t. That’s where prayer comes in! Say it with me PRRRAAAYYERRR! Pray, pray pray!!! I AM A PRAYER WARRIOR! I’m convinced that this is one of my gifts from God! I keep the lines of communication with my King open all the time. ALL.THE.TIME. He’d probably like to mute me most days. Prayer works!! It really does! I’ve seen it! I think that’s where a lot of Christians fall short. We can’t believe that the God of the universe would do that. It’s not about feeling unworthy, it’s that some don’t believe in it. He’s lives up there, we live down here. For some He’s just the one that created the universe and walked off. That is my humble opinion. I’m not saying all, so don’t flip out! I’m saying some! To combat that unbelief we are to study His word. Plain and simple. Pray through that process and BELIEVE that He will respond. My God, my King Jesus can do ANYTHING! He just wants you to talk to Him. Tell Him what’s going on…..I mean, He knows but He wants to hear from us. I’ve read somewhere that God is a gentleman. He’s not going to force Himself in your life. You have to ask!