No, I’m not pregnant! I ran across this post from three years ago and laughed out loud! I remember this post! I knew I was having a girl before I knew for sure that I was pregnant. I told my sister-in-law I knew it. It was a few days before I took a test and I wasn’t feeling well and I caught myself praying “please keep her safe”….Her? I just kinda snapped out of it a bit when I realized what I was thinking. And I just knew! It would be several weeks later that we knew FOR SURE! Aside from the day she was born, that was the best day! The boy child was not pleased… LOL! We had put the envelope that contained the gender around our dogs collar and he had to get it. He saw the pink words and said, laughing, “IT’S A GUUURL!!”….yeah, he said it just like a redneck. It was so cute!

God has shown my family so much mercy! We have failed Him numerous time, as does everyone else, but He has consistently blessed us! And still does! If you want to know about Him, I would be honored to share Him with you!