Why do they insist on doing thing that could kill them??? Why? LO (little one) want to play with wooden beads that I use for bracelets. She still puts crap in her mouth on a daily basis!  She’s almost 3! She knows better! But still, she goes right to the most dangerous thing. Every.single.time. The other day she was standing in her tiny pink wagon, in the kitchen on the hard kitchen floor trying to get in a drawer! It’s a wonder the wagon didn’t slip out from under her! A few moments ago she wanted just one bead, about the size of a grape, to play with…i.e. choke on…Seriously??? So frustrating.

Do you think God feels that way with us? He warns us all the time about the dangers of this world and we walk, knowing the danger, right in to bad situations, stupid situations, with Him in our ear saying, “you know this isn’t right, you know your aren’t supposed to be doing this”. He’s sitting with His head in His hand thinking…’when will she learn’….I think He does that when I get fast food. I love fast food, the faster the better. Fast food is not cheap though! $20 for 3 people just the other day! It’s ridiculous! And there’s food at home. I just don’t want it. I don’t want to cook it. Plain lazy! If I had all the money I spend on fast food in the past month, I’d probably have close to $100. But I do it…all the time.

Sometimes we forget that He has our best interests at heart. AND He is so powerful! He can change any situation. He can change any heart. I can ask Him right now to please take that desire to buy fast food away and claim it in Jesus name and BELIEVE that He’s going to do that and He will. It’s pretty cool to see. Try it!