I’ve heard it said that if God can’t trust you with a little, He won’t give you a lot. Moolah is scarce these days. Business is slow. I’m talking sloth slow! I had a dr’s appointment coming up, prescriptions to get, needed groceries….several. I prayed for what I needed to meet those needs. And in the process I noticed that I COULDN’T worry. Couldn’t worry. I know what you’re saying, ‘great attitude, you shouldn’t worry!’. That’s not what I meant…I couldn’t worry.  I tried to! I COULDN’T WORRY! It wouldn’t latch on, for lack of a better word!!! I kept waiting to become overwhelmed and upset. It never happened!!! I could’t worry! Crazy right!?!?!

I came to the conclusion that I have soaked myself in The Word, constant prayer and communication with my King and the worry just slides right off. Even as I type this I’m not anxious!!! It’s very hard to put into words! I knew I needed to make some sales quickly but I didn’t get in a mad rush to make stuff and take pics and post them and stalk them and all that. I just made something, a bracelet, listened to music while I worked, took care of LO and chilled basically. And DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???

SALES!!! They are just rolling in! Not super fast and piling up, just consistently!!! I was thinking, what is going on?. This is awesome! Then I remembered a conversation I had with God the other day. I noticed that everytime I sold something I was chomping at the bit to get something with that cash. Fast food, candy, ice cream…..and I had made a decision that I wouldn’t do that anymore because I had remembered that little saying….if God can’t trust you with a little, He won’t give you a lot. I have not been tithing as I should and I’ve been wasting a lot of money on stupid things like the above!

I am convinced that He is blessing me for standing my ground and not wasting anymore money. I believe that God blesses us for the smallest act of obedience. I don’t think He’s waiting for me to save up thousands of dollars to prove that I’m obedient and steadfast in my conviction to not waste money. I think He wants to see me improve so He acknowledges that.

Now, I am not a Sunday School teacher and I haven’t studied the Bible as often as I should have throughout my life but I KNOW when I see Him move! And He moved big this week! I saw it! I experienced it! I wasn’t able to accomplish all that I needed to do but I didn’t expect to. I knew He would do what absolutely had to be done.

He is my Father, He is my King. I love Him! He looks out for me and mine all the time and I listen to Him and try my hardest to obey. I’m not perfect and He knows that! I can hear him say “Good job, girl! Good job!!!”.