I’ve always worried what people thought of me. I worry that people think I’m obnoxious or stupid or desperate acting. I’ve worried that people think I’m annoying or pushy or I talk too much and don’t know when to stop (I am, actually, guilty of that!🤪). I’ve also always felt inferior to…well, everyone. Everyone else’s hair was prettier, cooler, their clothes, their nails…. I’ve never felt like the cool, got-it-together girl, ya know. The one with the best come backs, the funny one, the wittiest one….And I hated feeling that way. But you know what I’ve learned, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU!!! If people want to talk, judge or criticize, let ’em talk! Their behavior says more about them than it does about you! And God will convict them of that! You just love ’em through it!

It’s taken me a long time to realize and actually believe that those thoughts come from the enemy. He wants to kill, steal and destroy! He will say and do anything to tear you apart. He cannot, however, stop God!! I was taught a long time ago what do to when he starts in on me about me not being good enough. Get thee behind me, Satan, in Jesus name! And he has to leave!

I’m here to tell you IT WORKS Y’ALL!! It works. Try it!! Claim His peace and grace in your life and you will feel that peace come over you , a feeling you can’t explain! No drug, no food, no hobby can bring that kind of peace!!

Reach for Him!