It’s very easy to forget something what God has done for us when things seem to be in the toilet. It’s very easy to sink and settle into that poor-pitiful-me act and be angry for seemingly unanswered prayers. It seems that during those times that’s when every annoyance imaginable is going to pop up. You’re waiting for an important phone call or you’re waiting for some money to come in and you spill your coffee, stub your toe, baby can’t be satisfied and you’re PMS’ing. It all happens at once and your like, Lord, what are you doing??? Do I seem sane enough to handle all this right now??? Can you PLEASE cut me some slack??? I just need one thing to go right!!!! It’s during those times that we feel like God has abandoned us  and walked off. It’s VERY hard to climb out of that pit of helplessness and hopelessness. You feel very heavy and tired. You just want to sit around and pout. But you can’t….. you have laundry to do. And dishes. And dusting and taking Little Bit to the bathroom 19 times and getting her her 909th snack. Making sure she doesn’t kill herself on something. It’s exhausting.

Those feelings of helplessness and hopelessness?? That’s the enemy trying to infiltrate your mind. God’s got your heart. He can’t do anything with that, but he can mess up your mind and your thought process and shove you off course! It’s easy to do that! He’s saying, “there’s no way out of this, no way….it’s always going to be a struggle” or “nobody likes you, nobody wants to hear what you have to say, you’re screwed honey”.


First, the enemy is a liar. Next, you need to drop kick him back where he belongs and lastly….PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! It’s not going to be easy. It takes concentration, it takes commitment.  It’s takes sincerity. You have to believe that God is working even when there are ZERO signs. This is a test! He wants to if you seek him under pressure. He wants to see if you will praise Him under pressure. Are you going to cave and try to handle it yourself? Are you going to trust that He knows what He’s doing? His answers to our prayers are on HIS time, not ours! Whatever is going on, He knows. If it something that you’ve screwed up, He’s going to be there for you. There will be consequences for your actions but He’s still going to be there. He’s your dad. He loves you. That’s what parent’s do.

You gotta yield y’all! Allow Him to work!