Why??? Where are you? I needed your help and you have abandoned me!!! What did I do that was so bad??? Why am I being picked on?? This is so unfair!!!

Does this sound familiar?? I’ve made Him mad again!! Why is he picking on me?? What is the hold up?? I don’t understand this???


I think it’s ok to ask why when your exasperated with your situation, but I know that you shouldn’t settle there. I think God allows us to get to a point where there is nothing left we can do so that we see we HAVE to let go of it and do what we do and let Him do the rest. We hit a brick wall, nothing we do or say changes the situation and we’re just left standing….with our mouths hanging open saying, “what now?? What do I do now?? I don’t know what to do!”. That’s because He wants you to shut up and focus on Him, not the problem. Spend time praising Him for what He has done, not what He hasn’t. Spend time thanking Him for all you have, not asking for anything. Easier said than done, I know. But God isn’t going to have it any other way. Yield, honey! Yield! Pray and Yield!