I ran by my grandmother’s (mawmaw’s) house today……well this afternoon and my sister was there with her boyfriend. She had just gotten off work and was there to get the kids. Her boyfriend was in the kitchen changing the lights in mawmaw’s kitchen, my son and nephew were outside looking for my mom (nana) and my grandmother was on the phone in the back. My baby girl was hunting my niece in the back of the house.

Her house has bent home for us for years and it makes me feel so good that we have that place, where anyone and everyone is welcome, loved and enjoyed! It’s the home to so many memories, I can’t even count! All of us, five grandkids and 7 greatgrands have sat in the middle of the tables there. Countless football games in the living room with hen parties in the dining room! It’s where we said goodbye to my pawpaw and where I landed when my own two feet wouldn’t hold me and mine up anymore. I’ve actually landed there a couple of times and I’ve always been welcome. It’s where my grandparents prayed all of us through all our rebelliousness, bad decisions and broken hearts. It’s home. Waking through the hall to find my niece I thought about how much I love how close our family is. There’s a ton of love in that house and hopefully, God-willing, we will continue to love our family and friends at Mawmaw’s house.