That child…..Oh that child. I love that child. You know the one. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Lives in his own little world. He’s wonderful, loves his mama, Lego’s and Shrimp Pasta. That child is sweet as molasses and JUST AS SLOW!! That child has you wrapped around his little finger. So much so that you allow things to slide. He doesn’t get the garbage out and you say nothing….it’s just a little garbage. He’s telling you a story right at bedtime and is up a little past it. The next night the same thing happens. And the next night he decided he wants a glass of milk at 9:00. His bedtime is 8:30! Who does he think he is??  His laundry sets in his room, undone, for 3 days. This happens every other week. Because you didn’t do anything about it to begin with. So now you have this wonderful child that basically laughs when you tell him to do something and says “hang on…”, because he just has to see what Spongebob is going to do next. Nothing ever gets done until you lose your mind and then he looks at your like you’ve lost your mind. But that’s what it takes. Losing your mind. Getting fed up.

This morning I cleaned my son’s room out. Lego table, tools, remote control cars, hoverboard…..I got it all. I reached my limit. I saw a basket of clothes that was to have already been done and wasn’t and that was the proverbial straw!!! He and I had a come to Jesus meeting this afternoon.

I’ve been told that we are too strict but here’s the thing….if I am to raise an independent, hard working man with integrity and respect for others, I have to start now….no actually, it starts way earlier. You add responsibilities and expectations as they grow. You have to prepare them for the next steps in their lives. You have to prepare them for the world. You have to insist on things be done right or done again until they are right. You can’t allow them to parent and police themselves. That’s creates a bunch of over-indulgent, disrespectful, lazy adults that expect everything to be handed to them.

I discipline my son because I love him and I want him to be the best he can be. And I see great things. I  know how awesome he’s going to be be. I see it everyday. He’s a kid and doesn’t know what he’s capable of doing. It’s my job to show him.