I always feel bad for calling someone lost. I feel like I’m being judgemental. Is it a judgement? I don’t really know. Your life is your testimony. The way you live may be the only time a person can see Jesus or learn about Him. Sometimes it’s really obvious that someone isn’t saved. Sometimes you’re not sure. They kind of ride the fence. I think a lot of Christians do that. We have to be so careful with our witness. We represent the King! We’re supposed to act like it. Anyway….I know someone that has fallen off the fence on the wrong side. He may have never got on the right side to begin with. I don’t know this person that well anymore. I know that this person has never been the picture of Christianity. Even that sounds mean to me…Anyway….

This person I’ll call Shrek (is that mean??) is going through a lot of health problems right now. This health issue is threatening Shrek’s job. Shrek is in a bind and if this health issue costs them their job and there will be collateral damage affecting other members of the family. Shrek used to attend church regularly with the family. When there was a split in the family, this person quit going to church altogether.  Shrek doesn’t have God in their heart, mind…nothing. It’s evident. And it’s sad. Shrek needs Jesus. Nothing is going to get any better. Nothing is ever going to change without Jesus. That is where we come in.

Now, Shrek is difficult and has treated members of their family horribly. And it would be hard to want to help this person, let alone love them. But we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We’re supposed to help those in need and this person needs a lot of love and prayers.

When you have trouble loving someone who has hurt someone you love, who has shown no regret for their past actions, who doesn’t see a problem with their behavior, you get on your knees and pray for God to soften your heart. Because lost people need Jesus people. Shrek needs Jesus. And we are the way to get him there.