Today is Thanksgiving. People all over gather at their families to enjoy each other and visit and catch up. It’s supposed to be a thankful time. It’s supposed to be laughter and fun. It’s supposed to be an easy, relaxing day. Not for all….

Inevitably someone is going to suck the fun right out of it. Someone is going to complain. Someone is going to be ugly or ungrateful. Someone is going to ruin the day for others. Why is it ok to be self-centered? Why does everything have to be about you? Why does it have to be about you? Why do some have to be so demanding and controlling? Why do some hate everyone and every family related? I don’t understand. This is supposed to be a great day and someone is going to ruin it no matter what. I just wanna day thank you to the two people in my family who can’t be made happy. One wants to complain and the other wants to control everything. She can’t stand it having control. The other one is just an angry person. Angry at life. Can’t see the in anything. Never happy. Oh there are things that mark him happy but it’s not stuff that is my family or pastor about.