All I said was ‘You need to get your shower’. I had allowed almost an an hour break after he got off the bus because he said he didn’t sleep well last night was exhausted and in a bad mood. He WAS to have came straight in to clean his room. It looks like Hiroshima. It’s not a large space either. So there’s very little room to walk. All I said was that he needed to get his shower. That meant he had to start that room right after. I allowed him a break. As soon as I said it…. 🙄🙄🙄🙄. Really?? We discussed the massacre that is his living space last night. This was not news to him. And still, 🙄🙄🙄. Attitude. Why? Who knows. I hate to admit it but my perfect, sweet mama-loving little boy is no more. He’s attitudinal. And sassy. And lippy. Sometimes I wanna pull his lip over his head. Gone is the little boy that wanted to make me happy and proud all the time. I’ve dreaded this….I didn’t want to be a mean mom. I wanted to be fun and silly. Attitudinal doesn’t allow for that. So I must turn. Here comes Milleficent ( ya, Sleeping Beauty, evil witch..). Watch out little boy, this fairy rides a broom….. (To be continued)

* As of the end of the blog post, he’s sitting on the couch, knowing his room has to be cleaned. Let the games begin!!!