Everybody needs an outlet. Something that helps you clear your mind for a bit. Nothing something that can take over your life and ruin your health. Something simple and mindless. That sounds ridiculous, I know. But in our world today we take everything so seriously and we have to. We have kids and jobs and some run their own businesses, some have health issues, financial issues, family issues…. We all have so much going on, we really need to take time to unwind. That doesn’t mean go out and get sloshed every time you feel overwhelmed. It just means find some relaxing that doesn’t require much thought and is SAFE!

My mind-numbing, relaxing activities??? Coloring with my BG (Baby Girl) and Block Craft. You may think “Coloring? Really?? Aren’t you a grownup??”…. Why yes, yes I am! I like to color. It’s relaxing. It’s creative. It’s precious time with my BG. It’s bliss!! I can make whatever I want. I can be messy (but why would you???) or as neat as I can!!!

My other guilty pleasure is Block Craft. It’s a game on my phone. And yes that may be really sad to some but it calms me. I can completely zone out, go into my village and built incredible things! Houses, floating restaurants, tree houses, floating roads if I want, water streets!!!! The possibilities are endless!!! It’s relaxing. It my creative, artistic mind at work! I love it!

Find an outlet!! A safe, healthy outlet!! Relax your mind! Your family will thank you!