🙏🏼Trusting God is a little like dieting….

😫The worry is a Worrisome Chocolate Delight…🍩

😡The frustration is Frustrating Molten Lava Cake🍰

🤬The impatience is The Impatient brownies and cupcakes..🌰🍪

😎The attitude is Those Attitudinal Juicy Cheese Burgers!!!🍔

You can’t have those if your dieting/trusting….

But the 👹enemy 👹creeps in and says “you deserve that Worrisome Chocolate Delight….get you some girl, it’s yummy and stressful and exhausting, you deserve it!!

Which translates to….

“You know, girl, this (a bad thing) could happen, or this (another bad thing) could happen…..what will you do?? You can’t handle this!! You’re never gonna survive this!!!”….

And then…. 💥BAM💥…..there’s the WORRY!!! 😩😩😩

And then “oh how about that Frustrating Molten Lava Cake??? That looks gooooooood!! You need summa that girl!!”.

You don’t. It’s nasty.

You need the peace of Jesus!

You need the warmth of The Holy Spirit, wrapping his arms around you!!

It is an everyday, moment to moment battle because you are God’s child and the enemy hates that!!

Stay in constant communication with your King!

And don’t diet. 😂😂😂 (I’m so funny!)