I heard it.
It was clear as day.
And at the strangest time….Taking G to the bathroom.
I decided to wash my hair and He said….Don’t worry about making money.
It was clear. Clear as day.
And then….peace.
My sister said yesterday that when you hear God speak there’s a peace that comes over you.
A joy. A laugh. A chuckle even.

Every morning I get a few chores done so I can start making jewelry to MAKE SOME MONEY.
I’m anxious about it.
I’m rushing to get things done.
Gotta make something. Take pics. Post. MAKE SOME MONEY. CONTRIBUTE!

He said “Don’t worry about making money. Bring the glory”.
Yes! Those exact words. I heard it.

How do you bring the glory?? Well that’s a no-brainer. TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HIM!!!

Listen to Him. Follow Him. Study Him. Trust Him.


I read this morning that Jesus doesn’t make things go from bad to worse. That’s hard to understand when you have a child that God is calling home or has already called home or a terminal illness or a lost job or natural disaster.

Losing a child…. that’s the biggest fear.

That is my most intense fear.

I’ve longed for someone that I’ve lost before (not dead just broken up), a boyfriend….It was painful. I remember it. And that was just a boyfriend. I can’t imagine the other. I can’t even say it.

Anyway……I got off topic….

He said it.
I heard it.
Now to live it.

Don’t worry about making money. I feel peaceful when I think or say that statement. I want to laugh! I am laughing.

He’s got me and mine.

I’m going to continue to make jewelry but not like my life depends on it.

My life depends on Him and Him alone.