Hannah was faithful. Hannah pray. A lot. Be Hannah.

I’ve been struggling with my business here for a few weeks. I’m very frustrated and down and just plain ‘ol angry with God. Everytime I think I’m taking a step forward, I seem to take two steps back. I don’t know why He’s doing this to me. He’s knows what is going on. He’s knows what I need. I just don’t get it.
But wouldn’t you know when I open my Bible app to to my Bible study right in my face is the story of Hannah. She was one of Elkanah’s wives and she couldn’t have children. She prayed and begged and pleaded but nothing would change. She also had deal with the the over wive’s taunting her because she couldn’t get pregnant. Even in her despair Hannah worshipped and praised Him continually.
Continual worship and praise. How do you do that when you’re so angry??? Last night I just crumbled under the pressure and lashed out at God for seemingly ignoring me. I know that He’s not. He’s bringing me to some point….I’m not sure what or where it is but He’s doing something. And if I can push through this negativity and despair and frustration, I’ll get there. It’s hard, though, to convince this human mind of that. I’m going to chant this mantra all day to keep me focused on God: Hannah was faithful. Hannah is cool. Be Hannah.

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