A little background ……

Oh where to begin…..I guess I should begin with why…..Why did I start a blog? In a nutshell, I have lots to say and Facebook isn’t the place. Most folks could care less about ones opinion. And most, probably, could careless about mine. That’s fine. This is mostly to share my infinite knowledge of useless information and my limited knowledge of marriage, parenthood, fashion and most anything else. It’s a sounding board, if you will…..

Another question you may have is “Wake Me When I’m A Unicorn”????? Yeah….. I couldn’t think of anything else and my daughter walked in the room and her sleep shirt had this on it. I thought “that’s as far off the grid as you could possibly get…I like its! It’s catchy! It’s weird! It’s attention getting and that’s what blogging is!!! Attention getting content. 

So here goes nothing…. Getting my blog on!!!

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